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. >>> África zavala por corona de lágrimas >>> no, yo te amo, mi amor. >>> me siento como la peor de las esposas. >>> eugenia cauduro por abismo de pasión >>> nada más sigo aquí con mi niña elisa. >>> me quiero casar contigo. >>> patty navidad, por ella soy eva >>> oigan, qué les pasa, suéltenme, qué les pasa, qué les pasa >>> ahora sí, miembros del jurado, bueno, antes, gracias, emitan su voto ♪. >>> y la ganadora es ¡patty navidad! (aplausos) ♪ por ella soy eva ♪ cada paso es una prueba ♪ este corazón se eleva y ya no quiere aterrizar (♪ ♪) ♪. ♪ tengo un buen presentimiento sé que pronto me amarás ♪ ♪. >>> gracias, hace no sé 13 o 15 años que no me paraba aquí y no tomaba un premio, pero se siente lindo, lo comparto con eugenia, con África,con el público, rossy, muchas gracias, maestro, benjamín cann, muchas gracias,escritores, quiero agradecer a todos y cada unode mis compañeros por su cariño, les dedico el amor a la familia, leonardo muchas gracias porque sin ti, no hubiera logrado este momento. >>t>tenemos una gran figura musical, es una mu
doing up here? (man) i'm thinking. well, don't think! talk. talk to me! jesus christ! you can't walk out of a meeting like that. you say, "excuse me." you say, "pardon me." otherwise they think it's something that they said. did they say anything? (man) no. howard, talk to me. listen to me. let me remind you of the upside here; okay? you put in a million dollars -- a year, maybe two -- three at the most -- you're walking out with four million bucks. i understand the math, lenny. i just want to rethink things; okay? ♪ (music plays) talk to me, howard. listen to me. let me remind you of the upside here. you put in a million. a year and a half, maybe two -- three at the outside -- you take out four million, maybe more. i understand the math, lenny. i just want to rethink things. ♪ (music plays) don't do it, howard. i said, "don't do it." i said, "don't do it." (man) do you know her? hi. i'm howard. i know. i'm susan. (man) okay. great. good. thank you. thanks. (man) you're welcome. we'll be in touch. ♪ (music plays) so what we gotta remember is that the scene that we're gonna shoot fi
their dialogue and bits of stage business as they performed. in this connection, it might be appropriate for me to recall something that i actually witnessed on the broadway stage. the great zero mostel was starring in a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. and the night that i saw the performance, he decided to pick on a young man who was a member of the chorus and who was well-known in the company, as i later on found out, for breaking up, that is to say, being made to laugh easily on the stage. zero was incorrigible and he decided to make a victim of this young man that night. and during the scene, when the young man was playing a soldier in the army of miles gloriosus, zero stopped the action of the scene and went to work on him making faces and dancing around him and posturing and clowning till the poor young man was almost reduced to tears in his effort to keep a straight face, because in the professional theater, it's considered very bad form, indeed, to break up or laugh onstage. finally, the scene came to an end, but a couple of scenes later, this young man who, as a member of
to be. of that in part vegas. he always tease me, and when are you going to write me a song? would put all horses head in my bed. i mulled around on it. i hated it. , so thei worked there years ago by. i was in miami, and he was doing a movie, and he called and said, we are going to dinner. take your passport because you never know when you are going to wind up with. waso to dinner, and he during his last album, and sinatra said, i am done. the rat pack is over. i am doing one more album. that really hit me. i go back to new york. everything manifested itself. sinatra has done one more album, and i sat down and started typing. theend is near, so i face final curtain. i said, i have got something very interesting. i flew up a week later, and he said, i love it. i am doing it. two weeks later, he said, listen to this. i started crying. it changed my life. it was all about him. it was primarily all about frank. my record company said, why aren't you doing it? i said, i am old enough to write it, but i am not the guy to record its. it is all about him. by moved the presence of mind
officer rodney lewis: it's just a fun job. i never let it stress me out like a lot of officers do. you come out here and deter the crime. you meet a lot of people you wouldn't ordinarily meet and, um... try to help the people that need to be helped. and, uh, where else can you get a job ride around the city meet people, and get paid? ( siren wailing ) we're responding to a vehicle... coming right at us, man. it won't stop. i believe it should be coming over this hill right about now, and there he is. here he comes right there. he turned. he turned. turning down a dead-end street. on 59th street. he's going around like he's coming back out. he can't go back out. there's only one way in. there he is. there he is. ( siren wailing ) he must have bailed out. lewis: there he is right there. the other one take off? yeah. yo. the other one went through here. okay, i'm over here on a warrant. probably down here. hell, he could be laid up under here somewhere. they got the k-9 coming? i need to put the dog in here. two guys in a stolen car they were chasing earlier? we finally caught
a no me quiso apoyar y más a decir que si seguía con la denuncia, junto con su madre él, y su padre me van a matar a mis hijas. fui con mi propia familia, no me escuchó, no me creyó y le dio el apoyo a el. un día me engañaron un 12 diciembre para ir a una comiday ahí estaban ellos dos, me quitaron a mis hijas y no me las dejaron sacar hasta que no les tuve que decir que iba yo a volver con él y que iba a ser todo lo que él quería. lo que te pido es que esta gente me deje en paz y vivir con mis hijas. >>bienvenida, alma delia. esta gente, de la que hablaste respectivamente esta familia. >>es mi familia y es mis negra y mi marido. >>¿estas peores enemigos? eres mamá de tres pequeñas, 11, nueve y la menor de tres años, tengo entendido que las dos mayores fueron o son hijas de diferentes parejas, sin embargo tu última pareja, total esposo, que se llama juan, con quien tuviste la pequeña mercedes, que registra las otras dos mayores. registradas, pero no es el progenitor bueno, que tengo que preguntar porque cuando levantaste una denuncia, tengo entendido, todo pusiste toda firmast
, not so clean. so me, i fantasy about it. and maybe i was looking more and people that were wearing that kind of close, sometimes going to buy a jacket. there is a movie of marlon brando. but i must say, i remember it was a time in the 1960's, it was some boy from the suburbs. i suppose little gangs who were supposed to be bad boys. maybe i was a very polite boy. i was a little fascinated by bad ones. [laughter] it came from my fascination with movies, with james dean, most of all marlon brando. all wore rebellious close. i find it very attractive and very interesting. of course, i should say that i love a lot of other things. cinema was also showing that kind of rebellion of the street. for me, maybe it became like those things are not that bad. and they're already recognized. they show some kind of people that i am not at all part of. but also, i use it may be after -- it inspired me. i love to make them all. the code of what is decent and a decent. what is elegant, not elegant. what is luxurious or not luxurious. changing to the time. >> let's talk now about one of the frontiers
. but she was glamorous for me, sparkles -- no, freckles. sorry, i cannot say. [laughter] but she has beautiful red hair, light afro type but red hair. to me, i was like, oh, my god, she is so beautiful. for me, if i want to be friends with someone that i admire, i have to be like him or her, cannot have the red hair. so i say, i also come from nigeria and i am like you. [laughter] i do not think she believed me so i was inventing names. anyway. so she influenced me. she had white skin. you could see her veins. she was very strange but beautiful for me. i was always attracted by different beauty that i saw everywhere. i remember some movies called guess who's coming to have dinner tonight with sydney party. i remember i said to my parents -- i was 12. if i come with a black girl, what will you say? and they say, if you love her, that is perfect for you. years after when it told them what i could say about the fact was going with a guy, they said if you love each other, that is wonderful. so i think i was lucky to have parents like that. very modern. very open-minded. unlike for some,
hecho hace algunos meses , me ha vuelto el dolor de espalda ,y la ansiedad fue mejorando progresivamente , en dependencias de las sondas los tonos la instruccion para roxy es su primera sesion pronto la computadora detecta un desbalance , tiene poca energía en las ondas bajas . >>> está estresada . >>> exacto , basicamente , mucha energía mientras para ana margarita , que recibió el tratamiento hace 4 años , está música pudo disolver el trauma de la traicion aúnque este tipo de mejoria es frecuente , en toda terapia hay que , recordar que los resultados son diferentes como el pensar de cada persona . >>> 1500 dolares , en 10 días cuesta aproximadamente siempre consulte con su ñ. >>> (♪ ♪) . >>> (♪ ♪) . >>> (♪ ♪) . >>> una triste noticia para todos jacqueline bracamontes , perdio uno de sus gemelitosa que esperaba , desafortunadamente el varoncito fallecio debido a complicaciones respiratorias dijo que ella y su esposo están contentos de tener en sus brazos a la pequeña jacqui muchas bendiciones para ti y toda tu familia . >>> lupillo rivera , hablo del ple
and ask, is it just me, or are you pretty tall? >> i am very tall for a dancer, but i am lucky because they have a history of call dancers. tavis: i asked does it matter who you put her with for the height? a brother can be intimidated. how do you do that? >> it is all in the cast. luckily we have tall men who are able to handle that and not be hidden behind her. she is a trailblazer. because of her height people did not look to that, so alvin ailey celebrated that. tavis: he had the body of an athlete. >> that is how it started out. i believe in 1949 the great im so itntroduced hammon started here. take that, new york. this does not surprise me. it does not surprise me that three minutes into the conversation i asked a question, and her name has come up three times. it goes to show the impact she had on the company. just been named director. i am going to ask a leash of this question and have you plugged your years. you get to go first. doing?ou think you're >> i think i am doing good, and jameson things i am doing an excellent job. having a lot of fun. i think audiences and critics h
of the folks who make our program possible. turning out is our audio engineer. he has been with me from the very beginning of this program can years ago. been delighted to have you on this program. >> thank you. been and broadcasting of very long time. one thing i learned is that content is the most important thing. that is why i am proud to work on this show. that is what it is about. the intelligent compelling dialogue. thank you for letting me be a part of that. take it away. >> we are glad you have joined us. >> there is a saying that dr. king had that said there is always the right time to do the right thing. i try to live my life every day by doing the right thing. we know that we are only halfway to completely eliminating hunger and we have work to do. walmart committed $2 billion to fighting hunger in the u.s. as we work together, we can stamp hunger out. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: it sounds like a fiction story, a teenager at struggling with the harsh upbringing. she spent an interlude at a summer camp run by a major mov
... rebecca: ♪ that would be enough, enough for me everybody needs a dream catcher ♪ catch me! all the lights are shinin' bright down in the city, ♪ ♪ shinin' like a million dreams... ♪ ♪ sometimes i feel like i'm upside down ♪ ♪ and all those dreams are fallin' right past me... ♪ ♪ everybody needs a dream catcher, ♪ ♪ someone to be there when your dreams start to fall... ♪ ♪ everybody needs a dream catcher, ♪ ♪ someone to be there ♪ when the bad dreams are all you can see... ♪ ♪ dream catcher... ♪ catch me... hello... oh, yes, alberto. and a merry christmas to you. no, rebecca isn't here. yes. she has your phone number? yes, i'll be certain to give her your message. bye. rebecca: ♪ someone to be there when the bad dreams... ♪ "rebecca... "call alberto... important." ♪ catch me... ♪ catch me... ♪ catch me. thanks for coming in. i have to get going-- so if you don't mind... here's a copy of your performance. listen, if they like the songs, we'll call you. remember, don't call us; we'll call you. come on, you guys, let's get going. some a
in august called me issue -- and cut a deal with me. he said i had 24 hours to consider this deal. that in fact, i would be able to get a job comparable to the salary i made in congress and he would help me raise legal defense money to put this behind me if i pulled out of the election. they then would get it a replacement which congressman boehner named -- >> what year was this? >> this was in 2006 in august. i had 24 hours. i remember john boehner saying if you don't accept this deal in 24 hours, it's off the table, we won't have this deal again. i called within 24 hours and i said fine. i'll take the deal. comparable salary, you find me a job and you help me raise legal defense money to fight this thing. i just won the primary in 2006. boehner's call made the seg differce- significant difference in me getting out just in time. after that and i announced and i officially sent me letter to secretary of state of ohio. i couldn't get a janitor in john boehner's office to call me back. soon after that into the september or so time frame, my lawyers had contact from the justice depa
. it was something that was not engrained in me besides the story. i sat down and thought about the story my mother told me about her brother being ill. he at one point went from hong kong to japan to recuperate. he was the one that wanted to be an artist and wanted to paint. i thought about that because it must have been hard growing up in hong kong to be far away from everything and have a dream and get sick at this point. i thought u is there a story here? that's the way it begins for writers. people think things jump out and we have it in our head. it's the opposite we have nothing in our head. we turn on the machine and praying for something to come. with women of the silk i researched for 6 amongs and read and read and read. in one book i found 2 lines about the woman silk workers and knew immediately that's hai wanted to write about. it came to me like a dream that every writer prays for that you just knew you wanted to write about this. with the second book it was difficult i sat down and didn't know what i was going to write for about 6 months. which was fearful for me because of the fact
or synagogue. i don't blame the secularist. i blame those of us including me who must not have done a good job of making faith seem attractive. maybe the great thelodgians rightous had it right when they sang you lost the loving feeling. the rightous brothers were not that rightous and the loving feeling may not have been the love of god. but what happened? >> i don't think it is because people believe too much. the same study show that people finding their way home from the prodigal's journey want a relationship with god that is strong and certain. people are not falling like lucifer because folks believe too much but because they believe too little. a methodist church will no longer perform a traditional wedding because the state doesn't recognize stame-sex marriage. it is it their right to do what they want to do. but doing a cut and paste change. it is it just changed and sauled a sacrament. it reassuring that pope francis's version of being modern is not retooling the church to be more cool but take the unchanging gospel and advance by personal relationship than religious ritual. when i w
the area and are attempting to make crossings that they are unfamiliar with. >> they let me off somewhere else. i had no idea where i was. i missed the stop, and the bus was gone. then, i look around. i tried to find someone to help me, and i cannot find anybody. i would have no way of knowing where i am at. >> [inaudible] i asked why he did not stop when i asked. we did not panic. we do not know where we are. we do not know what is going on. i get over there, and right away, i almost got killed. >> #3, it's the person in question is trying to get somewhere, it is going to make them late for whatever they are doing. >> i had to find my way to a corner and ask someone where i was going to and how to get there. i eventually made it to my appointment, which was with social security, but i was very late, and they almost did not see me. >> i was very late former doctor's appointment, and there was concern about whether or not i could be fit in. >> when i get off i stock that is unfamiliar to me, because i have no sight, i cannot just automatically orient myself off to a new environment. it tak
treasure to you. and a second, please join me in welcoming dr. john carlos. but we are going to welcome kate damon next. [applause] [applause] >> thank you so much. this is a wonderful, arresting a blessed day for me to come to charlottesville and received an ovation like this. it is extremely precious to me to be at the evening for a -- >> i have to go first. >> i'm sorry. [laughter] [applause] >> good evening. no worries, no worries. said my name is kate damon. the manual might know my mother. i first met congressman lois in 2010 at a client's event in the image is funding an outgrowth of the jay liberty and justice for all award. my mother thinks you are the greatest. can i give you a hug? he said of course. in his recent black, "across that bridge" can erase love is the willingness to be beaten, go to jail, to be killed for betterment of society rather than live out your life is violent. his journey in life is a testament of the statement. as a young man, lewis is inspired to be a part of the civil rights movement the sainted martin luther king on the radio during the montgomery bus
a real hispanic person, not those things i did forever, where i say, why you know love me no more.o love but i got toy now, do nothing but that, and finally, came this wonderful of a hispanic woman with overuse. ovaries. it was nothing but joy. i was so proud. it is a great film. butdialogue is very dated, it is still a treasure. tavis: you wanted it, and you got it. what did you have to do to get the part? >> i had to audition. is that what you mean? tavis: how difficult or easy was it to land the parts? >> i had to audition for all the parts required of me. i did an acting audition, and the thing that scares me most was dancing, because i had not been danced at that time for at least 10 years. that is like asking someone to play five sets of tennis a day. i cannot do it. you cannot do it. they love i found out me for the part, but the one remaining audition was can she pull off this kind of dancing? i was of his spanish dancer. it was nothing like the kind of dancing you have to do in the west side story. i kill myself. i worked so hard in the dance studio. i registered for every class
to control myself i can't stay-at-home. my partner would have to leave work and take care of me day and night or i would wind up at a general hospital or be fortunate enough to know two words in the last few years. their words and my tree. i've been at my tree for the last two years and anyone who was the fortunate to go to my tree will have a full, full exciting life ahead of them. >> thank you very much. next speaker >> god bless my tree. hi i'm eddy. i'm the physician i direct the woman's program. i'm here to express one reason for the board of supervisors and for the mayor to back hill cuts for aids services in the city. restoring those cuts is a very smart financial reason. 2 hundred and 13 thousands of ryan white money funds a lot of people at the client. this is a gateway to all kinds of serves. most of those are african-american and latino. because of this gateway these people can see the best physicians and if they get real sick i can put them into the clinics and this client provides a lot of funds. the general medicine client can't provided the gateway into ucf services. they hav
. this is one on one. mona eltahawy, it's great to have you on our program. >> thanks for having me, maria, it's a pleasure. >> hinojosa: so you know, i actually, when i was writing my description of you, i said, "hmm, i would actually call you an in-your-face moderate muslim feminist." and it's like, wait a second, how can you be an in-your-face moderate muslim? but that's what you are, really. >> if i had to identify with a label, i would use liberal or progressive, because i find moderate doesn't really mean anything and it ends up being used against the muslim community. so how about in-your-face liberal muslim feminist? >> hinojosa: in-your-face muslim liberal femint, wch is. the femist part is, you get a lot of followers and you get a lot of attention around that. so for our audience, just, you know, describe what a muslim feminist is, because some people might say, "i don't understand that." >> well, you know, as a muslim and a feminist and an egyptian woman, i have a long history to draw on. i mean, when i look at the roots of islam... prophet muhammad's first wife khadija was a busine
and i say "man, is this not fun?" >> rose: (laughs) >> "is this why i'm here?" and it would energize me to go finish the tournament. to me, that's why i was there. i mean, to me to finish at noon on sunday and finish 30th in sothing i have no desire to do. >> rose: right. >> >> but to come down the stretch of a golf tournament and have a chance to win that golf tournament and be there to enjoy and have fun with those people and yourself and the competition with your fellow competitor, that's why we play the silly game! that's why we love it. >> rose: you did say that tiger has learned to play again, now he has to learn to win again. >> rose: >> -- he's learning to win again. i said i think he'll break my record. i still think tt. but he still these do it. and what he has to do -- he's 38 years old now. he's got to win five majors to pass me. he's got to win more majors than anybody out there in a whole career and he's starting at 38. that's tough. but i still think that he has the talent and, you know, and i would be really stupid to say i think -- i don't think he'll do that. because i
around him and hooked him with a beer bottle. split his eye open. he fell down. he came running at me. i took him down to the street. i whupped him; he let it go. i whipped his ass; he let it go. when the cops got here i'm getting ready to walk off-- you can ask this officer-- i'm walking off, he runs up and hits me. where's the guy that got cut? he's down here on the porch. i haven't seen him yet. and he said, "i don't want no trouble. i just got out of the pen." and he walked off and this other guy hit him. hit him at the back... he hit him with a bottle. hit him with a beer bottle. he was walking off. he was walking off and the guy hit him. are you the one that did it? no, man. they got the one that did it. what's your name, dude? i'm going to put this on and wrap it around your head, all right? officer: you all right? he hit me with a bottle, man. that's old. i don't want no trouble. officer shelton: just relax. let them take care of you. we got him up in the car. all right? what did he hit you for? do you know? yeah, 'cause i told this man he was a bastard. were y'all fighting? let'
interested in each other. i remember one part in the book, and i would love to repeat it. me time he was going to drop off in his car. this was before any romance took place. i said to him, i am so hungry. can you stop somewhere and let me get a burger to go seven? he said, why don't we go to my people? there is always something to eat with my people. brought me to tears, because i thought, how wonderful that you have people at your back. it meant so much to me that i was with this person who had people who would look after him. if they had one drumstick left they were going to share. that is the feeling i got. that really endeared me to him, and i fell. tavis: kelly about your people -- how you got to the bronx tell me about your people and how you got to the bronx. >> my mother did something extremely courageous for someone at the time in puerto rico at a little catholic ireland. father, and she did something truly remarkable. she left me with my father and my little brother francisco and took a ship to new york city, the united states of america, to see if she could find some kind
... rebecca: ♪ that would be enough, enough for me everybody needs a dream catcher ♪ catch me! dad? yeah? we have to talk. uh-huh. i have some good news. oh? this music school accepted me and they're offering financial aid and a partial scholarship. i... they want me to be a student there. when did you get this letter? this morning. this college is in san francisco! yeah, i know. my god, that's the other side of the earth! rebecca: come on, dad. it's only 6 hours by plane. dad: it's too far away. we'll never see you. why don't you go to school around here? all the music schools in boston turned me down. what about a nice community college... a good teacher's college? i want to study music. this is the only music school that accepted me. what about kevin? what about us? kevin's almost 18. he can take care of himself. and with a little help from him you'll be fine, too. this is my big chance. so, what do you want from me? i... ( sighs ) nothing. just your approval. you want my approval? no way. what? n-o. no way. that's it? end of conversation? what do you want me to say, that i'm thrilled
me and my boyfriend trying to give me a necklace that i didn't want, she kept trying to follow me and after refuse and yelling at me. >> my girlfriend. >> i think that we get the picture. but i have to be fair to everyone, so everyone has to give the same amount of time, so thank you very much. next speaker please? >> good morning, i'm adrian and the director of communications and director at (inaudible) and a san francisco resident and thank you for having this hearing and having us here today. >> as you know we have worked tirelessly for the past two years for the san francisco police department and the city attorney's office and supervisor campos to enforce current ordinances to protect the patients and staff from constant harassment and indimtation and it has not worked.. our planned parent center is 30 feet wide, the sidewalk is only 9 feet we have a two, car, white zone in front of the building dedicated to clients, drop off and pick up. along this narrow sidewalk and wide zone, protestors have engaged in action to shame and intimidate the patients. they abuse the disability
me read out some names, and i will have the speaker cards, if you have not filled them out please do so and once i read your name, if you don't mind lining up on the side, and then come up, to speak. and so adrian verily phillis, caba sulava. glave, mckellen. >> buckley, jessica mun, ed hofner and jaimmy blend and ruth an collie go ahead. >> good morning and thank you. i am a woman's health physician assistant and vice president of medical services for planned parenthood and i am also a proud san francisco resident and reside in vernal heights neighborhood in the honorable david campos is my supervisor. thank you. for over three decades i have been providing quality healthcare to women men and healthcare in the bay area and i am aware of the needs of the people. that planned parenthood serves it has been providing healthcare in san francisco in the bay area since 1929 and was the first city where the planned parenthood was established west of the mississippi, we currently operate 30 health centers and excuse me, health service, we provide healthcare services and education and more th
sometimes will ask me why did the guy kill mommy. you know, i don't think i have an answer for that. >> and chabuco mourns the life of his wife and the mother of his three children ages 4, 6 and 9. they said a prayer and set flowers at her grave. chabuco was taking nurses classes. follower her death, mr. chabuco says he moved his family out of san leandro to escape the violence. >>> you show your i.d. to the license seller when you're going to buy your bullets that licensed seller then electronically transmits the record of the sale to the department of justice. the department of justice can then look against the data base. >> assembly member skinner says there will be no waiting period to buy the ammunition unless the purchaser is on a prohibited list to buy weapons. meanwhile former congressman hutchinson unveiled a safety plan founded by the national rifle association. the 205 page report recommends a staff be on campus carrying a gun. the father of a sandy hook shooting victim spoke in support of the plan known as the national shield program.
, she roped me in about two weeks later. >> rose: after that? >> we've been dating ever since and married. we were engaged when we were 19, married when we were 20, we had our first child after she got out of college when she was 21 and jackie's now 51 years old. >> rose: the week of the honeymoon did you play golf? >> (laughs) >> rose: (laughs) that's one of my great stories. barbara has such a great honeymoon. we got married on saturday, we drove sunday to hershey, pennsylvania. and we played -- she got to see hershey country club on monday morning. the assistant in columbus, we then drove to new york and then we went down to eddie condon's and pete says to me, he says "hey, nick, you going to play?" so we went up and it was pouring down rain, there were three people on the golf course that day-- me, barbara and my caddy. >> rose: (laughs) >> honestly. >> rose: you wanted to play. >> and i played and so after a couple days in new york we were going to spend two weeks in new york, we stayed at the astor which is no longer there. we went to a couple shows. we saw "camelot" and
i'm in the coffee shop, and this beautiful girl i could never even talk to mistakes me for her boyfriend. that's a nice 4 seconds. i look just like him. i. me. this. what her boyfriend looks like. how is that possible? maybe he has money. maybe he doesn't. maybe he and i are exactly the same except for one minor yet crucial detail. you never know. sometimes you do. maybe it's some-- some small thing i could change. like a mustache or... wearing a top hat or a monocle or a--or a cane. who's she dating mr. peanut? you could do a lot worse than mr. peanut, my friend. so, what do you want to see? how about sack lunch? how about the english patient? it's up for all those oscars. oh, come on, blaine, i mean look at the poster for sack lunch. it's a family in a brown paper bag. don't you want to know how they got in there? no. ohh, sold out. oh, uh, 2 for the english patient. so, do you think they got shrunk down, or is it just a giant sack? hi. um, remember me? i'm the guy that looks like neil. hi. hi. ahem. is neil here? oh, no. he got held up at work. oh, that's too
de tus grandes responsabilidades, ¡y no tienes la menor idea de lo que eso significa! >> me siento muy avergonzado, lorenza. >> ¿en que te estÁs convirtiendo? >> simplemente paso, estaba dolido lorenza. estaba tan mal... >> ¡no hay ninguna justificaciÓn, lo que hiciste me parece un desatino por donde lo quieras ver! a ver, peluso yo de verdad no me asusto de nada. ¿pero en tu oficina? ¿en la oficina del primer mandatario del estado? ¡por dios, con la hija de un delincuente como longoria! ¡por el amor de dios! ¡eres un asco! >> ¡ya! sÍ, lo soy, lo soy, lo soy, ya. ya, no mÁs. >> ya, te juro que no sÉ si abrazarte o darte una cachetada. [suena celular] >> mati... ♪ >> ay, un poco de amor no nos vendrÍa mal en este momento. >> ¿te abrazo? >> por favor. >> mi niÑito. >> no sÉ si esta llamada sea prudente y si estÁ hablando con usted sea lo mÁs correcto, pero las cosas andan bastante movidas seÑor. >> no sea necio. usted siempre se caracterizÓ por ser un hombre inteligente. pero si ahora insiste en eso, esta maldita guerra se le va a ir de las manos. >> esta guerr
... rebecca: ♪ that would be enough, enough for me everybody needs a dream catcher ♪ catch me! you always come here, don't you? yeah. it's my favorite spot... the airplanes and all. ( laura sighs ) i'm sorry about your father. it must be tough. i know how i'd feel if my father died. kevin, it's normal to be angry. i'm not angry. look, it's o.k. i would be too. so... what are you going to do? do? with your life? dn't you want to study computer science or something like that? yeah, but... now, i don't know... the airport's really busy tonight. yeah, its. well, so far i really love my first semester at college. i mean, it's so different from high school. it's like the professors and students are really into it and the courses are great. how come you didn't write to me? i meant to... but with all my homework and everything i've been in a real work mode. you couldn't write one lousy letter. ( sighs ) you're right. i guess i've been all wrapped up in school. the required courses are a pain but the electives are great... like gothic lit. we're reading stephen king, anne rice, edgar allan
paint and put on new paint. so has that been addressed? >> first of all let me speak from a staff standpoint whether he can get on the prior or not, we are not the trier of fact. we don't know the expertise of whether that is a case or not. we know there is a history between the property owners and give them time to work this out but when we see this paint condition, we write a notice of violation. when we write a notice like this and someone needs to go on the property and they can work it out and work out a way get it done. we have properties in this city and they are usually reciprocal and the work gets done. this is one of those situations where there is a dispute, but when we write the notice of violation we are not able to determine that is the case or not. we still have to write the notice of violation. whether it is factual or not that he can't get on that property, i don't know and i can't make that decision legally. >> commissioner mccarthy? >> yeah. it seems like damned if you do and damned if you don't. so i guess the question is, recognizing that. >> yes, sir. >> and
] of the established house. for me, it was kind of a challenge. and i loved the idea. i love to do it. also my training, my training was doing this. i do not have my gaultier touch at that time. so then it was like to make jean paul gaultier for ermez. no, sorry, to make ermez through the eyes of jean paul gaultier. i love that. then there was a death. it was seven years after our collaboration. i think it was good to go in, because my life was not with ermez. it was for my own company. so we changed. we pushed. spanish rudes, perfume routes. sounds very good to my ears. i am a quite truthful person >. >> is there always going to be a controversial side of jean paul gaultier? there was a time when you were inspired by rabbis. i believe you're in new york, there were a bunch of rabbis he saw walking by the public library, you turned it into a collection. you must have known this was dramatic and would be alarming to people. >> i should say that in some way, i think i have a kind of innocence. like that is not that big part of me. when it is beautiful, i believe in it. i saw it was beautiful. i wanted to
, can you hear me? please shout loudly if you cannot. [laughter] yes or no, you can hear? >> somebody said no. >> mic people, can i be heard? should i start? ok, good. so before i introduced one of the funniest, wittiest, most amusing and funkiest designers that i know, i would like to start with something a little bit more serious. you know, in fashion, the reason that people laughed seem obvious when you see the exhibition of all it's incredible glory and excitement. but at the same time, there were real reasons why designers laughed, and one of them, when it comes to jean paul gaultier, is probably what is talked about least. it is the technique, the skill, the handwork, the knowledge. sometimes it gets buried underneath the fantasies of the close. but if you look hard, particularly those of you are going to go to the exhibition afterwards, if you look on one side to see the incredible punk can-can clothes, while, exciting, a waterfall. then you look at the central lie all which is the per region and parts, you'll see the extraordinary crest -- kraft mentioned that can turn address
to entertain but also to teach and educate. so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. there's some things i've been keeping from you. it's not tear. tonight i'm going to do something about it. tonight i'm going to tell you who i am and how i got here. that plus an avatar and 140 characters pretty much sums up everyone these days. i want you to know more about me than that. although it did take me two years to figure out avatar was not a movie and hash talking is not a sign. remember, in the end, this is cramerica. in short, i'm going to give you the invest in cramer guide book, the skinny on how i learned to be a good investor and how i continue to learn every day so i can help you become better than i've ever been and better than i ever will be. my love of stocks didn't begin after high school. my love started back in forth grade. that's right, fourth grade. i was a phillies fan. my dad would bring home the largest paper in the world at that time. if i could go back in time, i would have somehow made it so i was a yankee fan. we were only 89 miles south of new york because no one in his right mind would c
of the government, is contained in exhibits 23 and 4 of our reply. a fellow named joe butler called me and e-mailed me a couple weeks ago and told me he was representative for miss sang and he was going to help resolve this issue informally. we have e-mail interchange in order to resolve this issue and he copied the inspectors and miss sang as well as me. i also copied people in my responses. it looked like we were going to resolve this issue. if you read these e-mail interest -- inter changes. we were going to try to resolve it before this hearing. when it became clear that he was being reasonable and that he was -- may i just finish? >> yes. >> when it was clear he was going to be reasonable and in fact there were chances of us resolving this matter before today, miss sang disavowed any connection with them and rejected all of his efforts. if you also read the exchanges you see the tar pits were also moving as well. >> one question? >> i'm just wondering when did dr. engelberg purchase the property? >> he purchased the property in 1997 and there was an on going dispute at that time with t
." >> promise me you will write. >> when have i ever not written? to know that i'm there for you, even if it is words on paper. , you are in my heart. you're getting close now. the closer you get, the worse they will be. don't let them get to you. >> i won't. god built me to last. -- tavis:ow are you how are you processing all of this gecko eyesight couple of predictions morning that asked acted ultimately -- how are you processing all of this geck? i saw a couple of predictions this morning that showed it will actually get to $100 million. >> i have felt incredibly blessed to be a part of it. i will wake up, even before we started shooting come in the mornings, when i practiced and i wasn't too sure, i would just be vibrating with energy. i feel that still come even now, just knowing it's out in the world. not so much the money, but as much as people are appreciated,. we have an -- appreciating it. we have an a+ exit rating. it informs the money because you know people are coming back and telling other people. that what feels good about it. tavis: how bad did you want this pardon woul
the suspects' mother is saying. jake, bring me up to speed on the latest news. >> reporter: well, piers we told you yesterday that he was cooperating with investigators. we talked about there was a motivation. that the brothers thought islam was being attacked and needed to defend it. a u.s. government official told me today that one of the reasons in the justification, in the motivation, according to investigators is that dzhokhar said the wars in iraq and afghanistan were part of why they carried out this senseless act. so this is just what he is telling investigators. it is to be taken with something of a grain of salt and no one obviously is just automatically believing him, but that's one of the reasons. we also found out a little bit more about the self radicalization that we talked about yesterday, piers. that the idea that the brothers, according to dzhokhar, became aware over the internet. he said it is likely that the sermons of cleric anwar al-zawahiri were part of this. >> and what will happen in the next few days? his condition is deteriorating rapidly, how long can they continue t
wanted me too. oh, but, lance, what about tracy? oh, she's nothing to me. nothing. - what about brett? - nothing. - muffy? - nothing. - stacey? - nothing. - conchita? - nothing. then at last, my love, i can truly believe it really is me. then can you truly forget my shadowy past? oh, yes. my questionable present? oh, yes. oh, yes. - my cloudy future? - oh, yes. oh. lance, do i hear your voice? what? tammy, is that you? yes, sugar lips, it's me. who are you talking to? oh, why, no one. i guess i must have been talking in my sleep. look, why don't you make us some tea and i'll join you in the kitchen? and by the way, what are you doing home at 3:00 in the afternoon? i told mr.--morrison i needed the afternoon to attend to some personal business. by the way, lamb shanks, how do you want your tea? with sugar? sure. well, i brung the sugar to you in that basket. two lumps? [makes noise] oh, hi, tammy. verna. all have to pay for things that we may find offensive. i mean, personally, i find the pentagon budget offensive, but i still pay my taxes. well, pardon me. and i'll tell you, gentle fo
moments ago. you look at page 2 of the department's report, the very first paragraph says -- excuse me, inspect or can speak to that. >> the gist of the first paragraph on page 2 is that we are not talking about lead abatement or lead chips. what we are talking about is painting over the wall on dr. engelberg's property. if we are talking about removing chips from miss sangs property, we could not do that unless she allows them on the property. the paint chips on her property can be swept up with a broom. we are not talking about a significant or substantial amount of paint chips on her property from his wall. her wall is also peeling. her wall also has paint and was built before 1978 and there is no separation of which paint chips we are talking about. >> we'll let you talk about that later. >> we'll reserve for later. >> thank you, members of the board, the notice of violation that was issued july 27th of 2012. speaks for but it does have a reference to paint chips because when the peeling paint is repaired, then it needs to be done in a safe manner. that's why it's there because
island. we want to begin this hour with erin mcpike in rhode island for us right now. erin tell me what you've been seeing today. >> reporter: well brooke about 12:30 today there were six fbi officials sitting in two cars outside katie russell's house. and just a russell's attorney two of them pulled up parked in katie russell's driveway and went inside her house. two minutes late five of those six fbi officials went inside katie russell's houseleft. so fbi officials have been inside katie russell's parent's house for the last hour and 20 minutes. now, of course we don't know yet what isg some investigating and perhaps talking to katie russell, trying to get more information from her. but it has been a while now. and what i can tell you, brooke also is that fbi officials have been stationed outside katie russell's house for the past week or so and they have been here around the clock. there are also fbi officials who have stationed in neighboring areas, sort of just waiting in case something happens and we saw an incident this weekend where we saw katie russell's m
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